On March 17th NBN Co advised its subscribers that in the coming weeks they were expecting to see the release of the Federal Government’s new Telecommunications Infrastructure in New Developments Policy.

They further advise that once the final New Policy has been released, they understand aspects of it will apply from the 1 March 2015, consistent with the draft policy released on 11 December 2014 and as publicly advised by the Department of Communications on 27 February 2015.

NBN Co advised they expect that the proposed charges under the New Policy will apply to all new development applications which have been (or will be) approved on or after 1 March 2015.

Their understanding of the anticipated changes which are effective from 1 March 2015 are:

  • Deployment charges on a per lot/premise (MDU $400, SDU $600) basis will apply to all new developments approved by NBN Co on and after this date.
  • This will include developments lodged with NBN Co before this date but not approved.
  • Deployment charges will not apply to developments approved by NBN Co before this date, or for those covered by a pre-existing developer agreement prior to this date.
  • All stages covered by master plans appended to pre-existing Developer Agreements will be covered by the terms of those agreements and therefore the new charges will not apply to such stages.
  • A new developer agreement will need to be executed for any future stages that do not form part of an existing developer agreement and such stages will be subject to the new charges.

NBN advise that full details of the New Policy will be available when it is released (To download a copy once released please visit the Department of Communications website www.communications.gov.au)

If you have any queries regarding the immediate impact of the New Policy on existing or future developments please contact your NBN Co Account Manager or contact the NBN centre on 1800 OUR NBN or newdevelopments@nbnco.com.au.

Ensuring full consideration of the costs for NBN in your project feasibility is key.

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